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Published on May 8th, 2013 | by Julia Marella


Fling.com, Local Adult Personals

Fling.com, Local Adult Personals Julia Marella

Fling.com Review

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Summary: A lively sex personals site for all ages and walks of life. Fling lets you get right down to business with a suite of searching and chatting tools. A good alternative to AdultFriendfinder.


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Whenever I go on Fling, I always find at least a few people in my area to hang out with. If you know how to play it, this website can be a real buzz of activity with tons of sexy profiles of men, women and “in betweeners” to be found. And because of the enormous size of Fling.com, whatever kinky stuff you’re into, you can be sure someone else will be on there after the same thing.

Who Will You Find There?

Fling is good for singles, casual sex seekers, and partner swappers. Surprisingly unlike most hookup sites, relationship status doesn’t figure when you do search for people. You can’t search for married or singles in the way you can say on Ashley Madison, but searching by sexual interests and orientation is dead easy.

Anyhow, the main thing I would say is that Fling stands out thanks to their goal of being “the quality adult dating experience”.

This comes across, not only in the website’s appearance but also in a whole raft of security measures designed to protect users, eject scammers and make that whole dating experience better, safer and more wholesome.

[quote style=”1″]There’s an abundance of horny and up for it girls on Fling. As a guy, your main job is to stand out from the crowd of jerks and losers.[/quote]

Does Fling.com Work?

All of us at adultmatefind tried out Fling.com over the course of a few weeks and we came back with an overall thumbs-up. There were a few negatives, but you should be able to cope with them. If you’re looking for an alternative to AdultFriendfinder sites, Fling will do that for you.

It has different people, different groups, different setups, and in some ways more possibilities.

When it comes down to finding sex partners Fling.com delivers on that at least as well as AFF in my experience. One thing’s the same though: Don’t expect to get anything for free.

Just like AdultFriendfinder “non-paying” account holders only get to see tiny thumb sized photos and can’t even open other people’s profile pages. You get what you pay for I guess.

Signup to Fling.com, banner

Guys: Our two male reviewers created their profiles, both seeking straight one-on-one hookups with hot girls in their area. At adultmatefind, we always check out different profile types to get the entire picture. What we found is that activity on Fling very much revolves around local areas (state, town, & city).

Find your nearest hot spot: You’ll soon find out if your own area is hot or not after signup. If it’s not, don’t worry. Just do what we did. What we had to do was “move” our exact location to a neighboring bigger city, which was much more active with swingers and sex seekers.

Create Free Account

If you don’t do this, you could find you’re in a “dead zone” with no (or little) activity and nothing much going on.

Our guys managed to score one after another, by straight, no-nonsense talk and taking charge. Having a confident attitude will make you stand head-and-shoulders above most of the other dorks.

Response rate we had:
[list style=”check”]

  • Female seeking male (FSM) – 77%
  • Male seeking female (MSF) – 25%
  • Female seeking couple – 81%
  • Male seeking couple – 16%


Until you upgrade you won’t be able to browse any other areas other than your own. So this is best done after you’ve become a fully paid up member and you have the freedom to change and experiment with your settings.

Getting In And Staying In…

Getting approved: The other thing to be aware of is that Fling are super-hot on finding and getting rid of scammy looking profiles. Jay, one of our male reviewers, had two of his profiles terminated within 24-hours. Having to start all over, with a new profile and fresh email address is the only way out here.

[label style=”warning”]Important:[/label] To avoid getting your profile rejected, the following tips are crucial:


  • Fill out enough of your profile so that you look like a real person. That means, appearance, real zip code (or area), birthday (don’t put something like 1-1-1990 it’s a sure sign of a faker).
  • Put something in your “About Me” and an “About You” section.
  • Photos help, just so long as they’re real. One sure way to get approved (and remain so) is to get at least one of your photos verified. Likewise, one guaranteed way to get banned is to put up a blatantly fake glossy photo.



Playing Fling.com For Success

Approach: There’s an abundance of horny and up for it girls on Fling, that’s for sure. As a guy, your main job is to stand out from the crowd of jerks and losers. These boneheads will be pulling every trick in the book to try and get their dumb asses laid.

What we discovered: most of these creeps play the “sensitive guy” thinking that’s what women like. How retarded are they?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a bit caring at the right time, but give me a break! The women on Fling are there for one reason only, that’s to get screwed senseless by guys who know exactly what they’re doing – anyone else just won’t do. Sorry, our editor Amy Martinez might disagree with me on this one!

Our guys managed to score one after another, by straight, no-nonsense talk and taking charge. Having a confident attitude will make you stand head-and-shoulders above most of the other dorks on there who contact me every day. They whine on and on about how caring and sensitive they are – which every woman knows is bullshit.

Don’t be crass or disgusting. But on the other hand, don’t flap around either. Cut to the chase and say exactly what you’re going to do with her. Do this when sending emails, or in the live chat. She’ll see you as being masculine, in control and knowing what you want. Don’t goof around like a teen on a first date like the other jerks do. It’ll just annoy her.

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Choosing A Membership Plan

Which membership? As I said above, the free account is just “bait and switch” to get you to signup. It offers absolutely nothing in the way of access or site services. You can start-up the live chat tool – but don’t be fooled! As soon as you hit the “send message” button you’ll be carried off to the upgrade page. You have zero chance of meeting anyone with this option – they make it that way for a reason.

[label style=”warning”]Silver •[/label] Next up there’s the silver membership. This gives you just about everything you’ll need to chat, email and hookup with people. Silver is an ideal plan for regular users, and is perfectly fine for women.

[label style=”warning”]Gold •[/label] For men, if you’re going all out and will be using the site a lot I recommend Gold. Why? As well as allowing you to contact anyone, Gold lets absolutely anyone (including freebie account members) to send you messages just as if they’re a fully paid up member.

A bit excessive? Maybe, but being only $10 per month on top of the regular membership, it’s probably worth it for you if you’re on there all day long. The other bonus is that you can get yourself featured on the site – it’s like having your very own advertisement.

Going Mobile: If you’re on your smart phone or other portable device a lot, Fling has a nice mobile version of their website. It does work well on both Android and iPhone devices – I’ve tried on both and did get everything to work ok; viewing my messages, browsing and searching without any issues.

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