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Published on November 3rd, 2013 | by Amy Martinez

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Summary: A bolt standard online knocking-shop for Brits and others. Upforit has a bit of a shady rep, but it can work for you if you play it right.


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Don’t you just love a site with a name like UpForIt? Flings, no strings sex and adulterous encounters. That’s why people are meant to go there. But how does UpForIt measure up against other hookup sites? Is it any good? Are there any real users? Or is it big fat scam? That’s what I wanted to find out.

Granted, it’s a plush site on the face of it with a bang up to date design. You can see everything is done with no expense spared. It has a glossy, polished look. It’s from the same company that runs Shagaholic. So if that rings alarm bells, you might want to read my other review about that one as well.

I did my best, as did the adultmatefind gang, to give UpForIt a thorough checking out. What I found after a couple of weeks using this website was that there’s a ton of spoof profiles there. Like Shagaholic, when you arrive they blast you non-stop with dumb one liner messages. That just makes me want to pull my hair out – just like a freaking crazy girl!

There’s a lot of younger horny chicks on there too. But what we found is that these girls are blasted day-in-day-out with messages and hookup offers.

Once you get around that abuse, and spot the real people, it gets easier. And being a much bigger knocking shop than Shagaholic, getting laid is a tad more on the cards.

Who’s On UpForIt?

UpForIt is filled with singles, couples and marrieds. To be blunt it really doesn’t matter. The type of people on UpForIt don’t give a hoot about your relationship status – or if you lie about it. Our inside mole told us at least 30% of those “singles” on there are believed to be married in any case.

[label style=”warning”]Couples are an exception ●[/label] What you will see though is couples will want to know more about you. Couples ordinarily like to hookup with other people with the same relationship status as them. Unless they just happen to want a single. That goes on less often these days in swinger events.

couple in bed

When swingers are looking for a single, it’s usually a woman they want. If it’s a man they’re after, he basically needs to be a sexual god who’s “hung like a pony”.

You’re Single? Do This First

[label style=”warning”]Matures are the easier prey ●[/label] What we found is that “average” single guys on there will do better to look for mature babes. There are plenty of hot, older women on UpForIt. And yes, they are gagging for it. What we realized is that loads of them are totally lonely and frustrated. Because of a lack of male attention.

Yes, there’s a lot of younger horny chicks on there too. But what we found is that these girls are blasted day-in-day-out with messages and hookup offers. Guys, you have a lot of competition for those few young hotties in bikinis. Especially the ones who look like they belong on the cover of FHM.

[quote]Coming across as a player, even on a hookup site like this, doesn’t go down well with matures.[/quote]

There’s a lot of prime male meat strutting it about on UpForIt. And lets be honest, your pole might look like a chipolata compared to the rods on these ripped macho dudes. So you have to be smarter to get laid!

Come on guys! Do you want to waste your time dreaming? There’s no harm in contacting a few of these beautiful bimbos. But pinning your hopes on just a few pin-up girls with model looks will end in misery and lack of carnal pleasures. That doesn’t mean you have to go for the ugly skanks. No, it just means doing what you have to do to sow your seed.

Sharpen Up Your Profile

What we found with other casual dating sites is that you have to customize your profile for the type of girl you’re after. Older gals have been around the block a few times. They’ve heard all the bullshit you guys can give before. And likely any other stuff you can make up too.

When you bling-up your profile, you need to put something in other than a few corny one liners and a crappy selfie photo. These older women can see through that sort of stuff a mile away. Try putting in something individual and quirky. A few bits and bobs that will make you stick in her mind.

[label style=”warning”]One big no-no ●[/label] Coming across as a player, even on a hookup site like this, doesn’t go down well with matures. We found this many times over. It figures. A lot of these ripe women have been burnt by players in the past. Now they’re just sick and tired of their bad boy tricks and leave them to the younger women who don’t know any better.

Avoiding the Spam

As we got a lot of spam contacts, I thought I’d give a few tips on how to deal with that problem. I don’t know if what I got were real messages. I have no idea. But when I upgraded a lot of this crap instantly disappeared. Adultmatefind’s other reviewers all found the same thing.

What we found is there’s a simple and idiot-proof way of dealing with them. Reply back with a very particular question. Something like “What did you think of such and such that happened yesterday in the news?”. If they’re a real person, they’ll get back to you with something that makes sense.

Spammers will ignore this kind of the question totally. That’s because [label style=”warning”]a)[/label] you’re getting a machine created message or [label style=”warning”]b)[/label] because they’re in some wretched third world sweatshop and don’t have a f***ing clue what you’re talking about.

Either way, you know not to waste any more time with them quickly. And you can add them to your block list for good measure.

Is It Worth It?

UpForIt isn’t the greatest hookup site out there. But it’s not the worst either. Most of the sexual activity and connections happen behind the pay wall. Well out of reach of free users. So if you’re thinking of going there and getting laid with a freebie account forget it. We’ve tried and it doesn’t work. As with other adult dating websites, you only get a teaser of what’s on offer.

I didn’t like the nagging spam and messaging I had there. If it had been real, fine, it would’ve been flattering. But so much of what I saw was just blatant trash. It’s a sign of the times. Being forewarned is being forearmed. Avoiding it isn’t a big issues – just use my advice above.

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