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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


HornyWife, Pickup Joint for Cheating Women? Our Review

HornyWife, Pickup Joint for Cheating Women? Our Review Amy Martinez

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Summary: A place to find those bored, sexy housewives who just aren’t getting enough nooky to satisfy their needs. Don't be surprised if hubby wants to join in the action - or at least watch-in!


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Now, call me skeptical, but a website where a bunch of horny married women go when their hubbies are hard at work seemed a bit far-fetched.

And talk about the name being a dead giveaway, “hi honey you’ve got some emails from, so what were you doing there exactly..?”

Is this site for real? That’s what we wanted to find out, so we gave it our best shot and reviewed HornyWife inside out. We sent our intrepid adultmatefind team over to see what all the fuss is about. Read on to find out how we got on and if this website is any good or not.

So what were you doing at HornyWife…?

True to its name, HornyWife does have some downright horny women, but here’s the thing… If you check-out the profiles of these naughty housewives, many are on there with hubby’s consent.

If you check-out the profiles of these naughty housewives, many are on there with hubby’s consent.

Be prepared for couples • Some women are looking for solo action – her husband knows about and is consentual in her steamy affairs.

Others are looking for threesomes, couple fun or in some cases their other half just watches but doesn’t join in. You can also readily find couples looking for regular hookup partners in their areas; both male and female.

Last but not least there’s the group of adulterous females on there just looking for some good ol’ fashioned nookie on the side. Basically these women are looking for NSA (no strings attached) dating similar to what goes on at Ashley Madison’s site (read more here). So we found HornyWife to be a bit of mixed bag to put it mildly. Here’s the demographic breakdown that we found on there:

User groups, HornyWife male/female makeup from our survey[list style=”check”]

  • Female seeking consentual affair – 16%
  • Female seeking illicit affair – 12%
  • Male seeking female (any) – 57%
  • Couples seeking male/female – 11%
  • Others – 4%


Make the most of being new

When you first get in, it’s as if they’re all chasing to meet the new kid in town. So you need to make the most of that period. Like a lot of sites, new joiners on HornyWife get a boost for a few weeks. Your profile gets sent out by email to possible matches in your area, and you also get lifted up in the searches for a while (as well as appearing on the new members’ page).

So my advice is to make the most of the newbie boost and make as many contacts as you can during this time.

“Stand-Out” in A Good Way


We created five profiles on HornyWife; two male and two females – all seeking opposite sex hookups. We also created the profile of a couple seeking male or female swinging partners in our area. In all we made sure to include some genuine but not too explicit photos (hey, I don’t wana be jerk off material), and filled-out as much of our profile details as we could.

Over the years we’ve been in this business, it’s been proven time and time again that taking a bit of time to create a cracking personal profile is what’s needed to be successful on adult (and other) dating sites.

[quote style=”1″]Guys: You need to get across to women in 2-seconds flat why you’re better than all those other “horny meat-poles” who’re just a mouse click away.[/quote]

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]“Bling-up” your profile •[/highlight] I recommend you add as much bling to your profile as you are comfortable with. Extra photos and video introductions go down well at HornyWife.

Adding great media goes a long way to grabbing peoples’ attention – not only that, “blinged-up” profiles (lots of images, videos and stuff) appear above those without media. For guys this is especially important. You need to get across to women in 2-seconds flat why you’re better than the one-million other horny “meat sticks” that are just a mouse click away.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Expert female tip •[/highlight] Sell yourself, not just what’s in your pants. Oh and don’t forget the “Purity Test”, that’s well worth the effort in my opinion. I always read the details of people’s test as it gives you strong clues about what stuff they’re into, what they are about and more importantly if they are time-wasters. Not everyone chooses to display the test results, you do get the option.

HornyWife profile we created Response Rate (email replies vs. emails sent)
Single male seeking wife 19% – 47 emails send, 9 replies
Married male seeking wife 31% – 61 emails sent, 19 replies
Wife seeking attached male 85% – 27 emails sent, 23 replies
Wife seeking single male 88% – 33 emails sent, 29 replies
Couple seeking men or women 33% – 18 emails sent, we had 6 replies

Mating-Up On HornyWife

Initiate contact • Once we had the profiles setup, we sent email messages to people who lived within a reasonable distance, mostly less than about 2 hours drive away. HornyWife doesn’t let you send out anything unless you become a paid up member (or talking to someone who is). You can’t even send flirts. So guys if you’re looking for a free hookup site, forget this one.

To cut to the chase, we had to upgrade all of our accounts to full membership to get over the limited access on the free membership which was kind of annoying. But at adultmatefind our goal is to tell it like it really is, and you can’t do that for nothing!

Guys • Our two guys worked tirelessly to write some great opening emails to women who [label style=”warning”]1)[/label] looked like they’d been active recently and [label style=”warning”]2)[/label] didn’t look like blow-up doll type, porno actresses (sure sign of a dodgy scammer or shill profile). Their first efforts didn’t bear much fruit, so they tried a different tack.

How to get replies: Tip to improve responses

See who’s chatting • What the guys found to be a good strategy is to approach women who were the most active within the community areas. Basically what our guys did was snoop on the chat system and forums for a few days and took note of the women who were on there regularly and seemed to be hot and up for it. Most times they didn’t even engage them whilst in the public chat areas, but emailed them later on in private.

Sure enough our plan worked a treat. That approach did exclude a heap of dead profiles, time-wasters, and scam merchants. Compared to sending cold emails this proved to be the most effective approach on HornyWife.

Using the on-site tools

There’s a whole bunch of different search options available once you upgrade on HornyWife: Not only can you filter on body type, race, endowment (male), breast size (female), sexual preference, marital status and so on. You can also filter-out inactive people by setting the last visit date.

Another nifty new feature worth a mention is the message box. Friendfinder (who’re behind HornyWife) radically improved this feature recently. It now gives a whole bunch of extras, letting you send email attachments, private photos, it even lets you search message threads, and to keep tabs on different conversations among your contacts list.

Tips for women

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]What about women? • [/highlight] Girls, unless you look like Godzilla you’re gonna get hit on right from the get-go. So your number one priority is to weed out the perverts, losers and time wasters from your inbox and chat queue. I had a lot of guys just looking for cam tricks.. Really “if you want that freakin stuff just go to a cam site in the first place and stop wasting everyone’s time.”

Tell them exactly what you’re into, and your limits • Say exactly what your sexually preferences are (be clear) and where you stand relationship wise too. If you’re not prepared to meet in real life, say so loud and clear. There’s a special option for erotic chat/phone fantasies that will suit you fine if you don’t actually want to meet in real life.

If you’re attached, say so; and include what couple action you’re willing to partake in if any, fetishes and so on. Putting these details on your profile prevents false expectations from the start. Guys on there don’t take well to being strung along.

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