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Published on May 23rd, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


MeetLocals, Local Sex, Local Fun

MeetLocals, Local Sex, Local Fun Amy Martinez

MeetLocals Reviews

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Summary: MeetLocals is best if you want to hookup locally without travelling long distance. There's an abundance of horny and up for it girls looking for a good time.


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If you know what you’re doing it doesn’t get much simpler to get laid than at MeetLocals.

Even my nerdy, 20-year old nephew was able to score – with a little help from us! Before you get too carried away though, check out below how we played this site, how we made it work for us and how you can too.

With a mass of hotties waiting to be screwed there’s some rich picking grounds on this site for guys who are clued up and can take advantage of a situation.

Hookups Just Around the Corner

MeetLocals is all about making local hookups – as if you didn’t guess by the name. Anyways, as soon as you get in, you’ll immediately see the local talent in your own area.

Alternatively the browse button lets you go directly to any country, state then city and check out who’s in that area. But to be honest, I’d recommend sticking to your own local area. I’ll explain why in a bit.

[quote style=”1″]We discovered that about 80% of horny women on MeetLocals are using free accounts, just waiting patiently for guys to contact them![/quote]

Free Access Is Made to Frustrate!

Now first off there’s not a whole lot you can do on MeetLocals until you upgrade. So if you’re planning on “test driving” the site on a free membership plan, don’t even bother. I’ll tell you in this review everything you need to know and how to make it work. Then I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s worth upgrading or not.

Create Free Account

When you first join under the free standard user account, you’ll discover straight off that it’s impossible to do any of the following:


  • View profiles
  • View full size images
  • Read the messages in your inbox (except annoying ones from site admin)
  • Reply to instant chat requests
  • Use the video chat rooms
  • Watch amateur’s uploaded videos
  • Etc….



So after reading the above list you might be asking “what exactly can I do with a free account”? Well the answer is not much. Other than doing some basic searches, creating a favorites list and sending out free winks all else is blocked.

How To Make MeetLocals Work

Guys: Steve and Brad, two of our most experienced adultmatefind male reviewers test drove all three access options (Gold, Silver and Free). They had drastically more success by using Gold than using either Free or Silver membership. This was simply due to the fact that the Gold upgrade gives you the power to contact absolutely anyone on the site. It also allows anyone the ability to contact you.

This gives you a massive head start over men who’re only on Silver. Why? Because it gives you access to all of the girls who’re not upgraded yet. And that’s a lot of girls: About 4 out of 5 to be exact.

We discovered that about 80% of horny women on MeetLocals are using free accounts, just waiting patiently for guys to contact them! Only men who’ve taken out Gold membership will be able to contact these frustrated females. So if you take out a Silver membership, you’ll be missing out on 80% of the opportunities to get laid.

Not only that, our survey of users showed that there are only a few men who’ve actually figured this out. This means you massively up the odds of meeting someone by going up one membership level.

Join Free

Overall the price difference between Gold and Silver works out at just $20 over an entire year. So it’s well worth doing in my opinion.

[label style=”warning”]Fact 1:[/label] About 80% of the women on MeetLocals are using free accounts.

[label style=”warning”]Fact 2:[/label] Only a handful of men who’re smart enough have opted for Gold access. None of the other retards have figured out yet that they can only contact 1 in 5 women on the site. Those few women who are upgraded are hit on from morning till night – I know I am one of them.

If you put this together you don’t need to be a genius to work out that having Gold access massively improves your odds of finding a local woman to hookup with at MeetLocals.

Approaches That Work Best

Only men who’ve taken out Gold membership will be able to contact these frustrated females. You don’t need to be a genius to work out that having Gold access massively improves your odds of finding a local woman to hookup with at MeetLocals.

The way our guys played this for success was to contact all of the women with free profiles. They stuck to women in their immediate areas (within about 2 hours drive). We’ve been doing this a long while at adultmatefind, and found time and again that trying to cast too wide a net just doesn’t work.

This tactic works a treat on MeetLocals because unlike most other adult dating sites, they do display on profiles who’s upgraded and who hasn’t. This means you don’t have to waste hours on end wading through and clicking random profiles and trying to figure out what membership someone has.


Another thing we liked about MeetLocals is that they display the last login date on the profiles. This is extremely helpful and something you should be putting to good use. Knowing when someone last logged in means you won’t have to waste time sending out emails to people who finished with the site ages ago and who’re not likely to reply.

A lot of smaller dating websites don’t display this snippet of information. Maybe because they’re worried it will give away that actually, nobody is using their site. Who knows! Fortunately MeetLocals has a big enough crowd on it that there are always people nearby who’re a) active and b) up for it.

Use Your New Joiner Status to Your Advantage

First impressions: When you first join MeetLocals don’t be surprised if you get a lot of emails. I had around 20 emails within the first hour – so did my gorgeous colleague, Julia Marella. We also had a lot of chat offers, all from people we didn’t know.

The thing to remember is that when you first sign up, you have an opportunity window of a few days when your profile shows up on the “new locals” page. So other local sex seekers in your area will instantly see your profile displayed and may try to get in touch.

Be social: MeetLocals works a lot like social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. You have a wall where you see updates from your friends and contacts. You’ll also get updates from others for stuff like adding photos or changing their profile in some way. To filter out these updates from unknown people, you can just click the button which says “Friends only”.

Start Now

One annoying thing is that you can’t send out status updates of your own until you’ve added your own profile picture.

Beware of the site moderators: Another thing to bear in mind is that MeetLocals is run by the same company that runs Fling.com. They’re extremely hot on rooting out fake profiles. So make sure you create a decent, real sounding profile that’s not going to get you banned from the site.

There’s also a mobile app and website for those who prefer to date on the go.

Enjoy your time there!

Join MeetLocals Free!

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