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Published on September 29th, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


MarriedButLonely or “Unmarried But Lonely”!

MarriedButLonely or “Unmarried But Lonely”! Amy Martinez


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Summary: A fairly lame site in my view let down by a number of points. It's difficult to find people, and they have this nasty "elite flirt" tease that keeps catching you out.


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MarriedButLonely didn’t impress me much from the start. Maybe it was outdated feel or the pink and putrid color scheme on the home page.

Anyways, we’re not ones to judge a book by its cover. So Julia Marella and I decided we’d get stuck in and see how it works from the inside.

Many hoops to jump through! Take it from me, MBL isn’t the easiest place to get into. My first account vanished into thin air. So I had to start again from scratch. Bitch! Anyhow, on my second try I got in and had my profile up in around 10 minutes.

So far so good I’m thinking. Wrong! Tried to log in the next day and again nothing happens! Tried password reset, and again nothing. My frigging account was zapped again! So had to start all over. After another half hour messing around, I finally got in.

So what’s it about? The name tells you all you need to know about what this site’s really about. Its basically there for bored women who’re sitting at home all day. And just maybe they want to hookup with guys over the internet for chat or something more.

But are there any real women on there? Read on to find out.

Can You Get Any Action?

Guys: We know there’s a whole bunch of women on there who just like to chat. And I mean chat endlessly. To say they are bored was an understatement.

Our adultmatefind insiders discovered some interesting facts. We can reveal there’s several different people types you’re likely to meet there:

[list style=”check”]

  • Married women looking for an online only relationship – a fantasy affair if you will
  • Wives, or girlfriends looking for real affairs – babes not getting enough action at home
  • Couples, looking for a sex partner to join in with their adult games
  • Unmarried women, looking to date someone else’s husband – a lot of these
  • The rest are made up of single guys, basically looking for any of the above

We know there’s a whole bunch of women on there who just like to chat. And I mean chat endlessly. To say they are bored was an understatement. Some of them will talk your ear off. That’s why some guys call it “married but a looney”. We found the same goings on at Ashley Madison, so be prepared for that.

A lot of them are just “stay at home mom” teases. But some are pros and want you to pay for their webcam acts. So get clued up.

an elite flirt fake member

Married women, “fantasy” affairs

[quote style=”1″]When you see a profile tagged with an “elite flirt” badge, that means they’re not a real member. Yes, you read that right.[/quote]

If you’re after a fantasy affair with a lonely housewife, read on. A fantasy affair is where you just sit in your room and flirt on web cam or over the phone. You never meet in real life! Is that you? If so this site will suit you to the ground. Because there’s a lot of chat that doesn’t amount to anything.

We came across heaps of females, basically looking to spice up their lonely afternoons with a bit of kinky phone chat and swapping pictures. Nothing more.

These women are at home all day long in suburbia. Their workaholic husbands are out working their asses off. They don’t give them the attention they need. That means one thing. Theses naughty wives are bored senseless. No kidding.

In our experience, these women seldom want to take take things up a notch and meet in real life. That’s the beauty of it for them. They satisfy their wants and desires. And at the same time don’t feel they’re cheating for real. For them, that’s win-win.

Wives, or girlfriends on MarriedButLonely?

These women go for the real thing. They are much harder to find, but in the end, they’ll deliver on their naughty promises. The women looking just for fantasies definitely won’t.

Our guys found they had to widen their search a bit to find any real hotties. MarriedButLonely isn’t the biggest hookup site we’ve tried. In reality it’s one of the smaller and less noticeable ones. What our adultmatefind team had to do was extend their searches to within about 4 hours drive. So basically our entire state. That was the only thing that brought up any matches.

Couples: When two isn’t enough

There’s a small amount of people looking for couple action on MarriedButLonely. We found these were usually women who were on the dating scene with their husband or partner’s knowing about it.

And we came across a few women who wanted to have sex with our guys in front of their husbands. Some others wanted full on threesomes. But the trouble we found is this. Finding these people is near impossible.

Even the advanced search is just too crude to find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t let you match on sexual preferences, married or single, or what stuff they’re into. All of the basic things that should be there aren’t. This makes it a case of looking at profiles one by one. Which takes a long, long time!

“Un-Married” but lonely!

Last but not least there’s the unmarried but lonely lot. These are the biggest group by a long chalk. They include men and women. And they’re there to hookup with anyone. Married, single or whatever. It doesn’t matter to them – especially the men. But we did find a quite a few girls on their who’re hunting out married men. These females usually don’t want to know single guys.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Watch out for scammers! •[/highlight] Lookout for the bogus looking profiles. You can’t ever be sure where they come from. But some of the images on their just look too suspiciously hot. Like straight out of a porn site. Don’t waste your time on these. They’re most probably Nigerian scammers.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]What is “Elite Flirt”? •[/highlight] Beware of this too. When you see a profile tagged with an “elite flirt” badge, that means they’re not a real member. Yes, you read that right. In the words of the company, they’re fictitious profiles. They’re there to “stimulate conversation”. So when you chat, you could be chatting to a computer, or hired shill in an Indian call center.

Nearly always these are women’s profiles. All of the hottest members, and most of the ones with photos I came across with were flagged as “elite flirts”.

Our MarriedButLonely profiles Replies we had (after weeding-out spam)
Single man, looking for married women 3% – 29 emails send, 1 replies
Married man looking for partners to cheat with 9% – 22 emails sent, 2 replies
Married woman after attached man 47% – 17 emails sent, 8 replies
Unmarried girl, hunting males 60% – 30 emails sent, 19 replies

Is it Worth It?

I was hugely disappointed with MarriedButLonely. It wasn’t my favorite site for a few reasons. The rest of the adultmatefind team feels the same. For starters I was frustrated with my problems in getting in. And things just sort of went downhill from there.

The searching pages are really stupid. You just can’t find what you’re looking for. At least not easily. There’s either too few matches or way too many. It took me ages to find anyone. I was forever clicking backwards and forwards. And the search page kept giving me dumb ass messages like “fill in this box”, or “this thing is missing”.

They should at least give more options to search on basic stuff like what someone’s looking for – and what their relationship status is. That would be a big improvement. It would let me up my rating for the site. Right now I give it no more than 2 stars. It’s still a work in progress.

Then there’s the “elite flirt” scam: Don’t even get me started on that one. Every time you find someone you think is work chatting to you see that label saying they’re not real. If they had a tool to filter out all of those profiles that would be great! But on second thoughts I don’t think there would be anyone left on the site after that!

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