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Published on April 10th, 2013 | by Julia Marella


OutPersonals Review: For Gays, Out or Not?

OutPersonals Review: For Gays, Out or Not? Julia Marella Review

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Summary: A good play for those seeking same-sex hookups, chat or just online homosexual fun. OutPersonals is an adult only site, with masses of explicit activity, chat, photo swapping and videos.


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OutPersonals is Friendfinder’s biggest gay and lesbian adult dating site. It’s massively bigger than most others including Gay Friendfinder.

If you’re out or not, OutPersonals is a place where you can find all types of same-sex action and discrete hookups whatever your sexual inclination happens to be.

On reviewing the site we found the biggest group on there (by far) are males seeking males. Bisexual activity both group and one-on-one is fairly easily found if that’s what you are into.

Unlike Gay Friendfinder, which is almost exclusively for gay men, this site has a good mix of gay, lesbian, bi and other preferences. It’s also a lot more up-front, explicit and xxx-rated.

One thing I found helpful was the city locator. This lets you browse and filter by state, city and town. This is great for connecting straight away with people who live nearby. The social groups, both created and managed by users, proved to be a good way to break the ice and check-out the local gay scene.

Success Rates

We reviewed OutPersonals with a gay male, and a lesbian (bi-curious) female profile. We had very good success rates with both. At adultmatefind, we always create a selection of realistic profiles to check out the service properly. What we found is that, while it’s open to gay/lesbian it’s slightly easier for men on there. Simply because the male group is that much bigger than the female group.

What we quickly realized is that for women, it’s quite easy to find and join bi-sexual groups and social forums. I was warmly welcomed, and found a few good friends there. I also had a few “saucy invites” from couples looking for a bi-female.

Who Uses OutPersonals?

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Because of the huge diversity of sexual interests, it pays to be clear on your profile. Say exactly what you’re looking for.

There are also transgender groups on OutPersonals as well as cross dressers and other minorities. OutPersonals is not a site dedicated to the TG/TS crowd. There aren’t as many people to select from as you’d find on special purpose sites like TS Dating or for example.

Here are the biggest user types:

[list style=”check”]

  • Male seeking male (MSM) – 60%
  • Female seeking female (FSF) 18%
  • Couple seeking bi female 12%
  • Couple seeking gay male 4%
  • Others – 6%


How to Play it For Success

Because of the huge diversity of sexual interests, it pays to be clear on your profile. Say exactly what you’re looking for. People on there seem to want and expect highly explicit profiles. With our PG rated images and content we didn’t get very far. Spicing-up our profiles with more raunchy stuff soon did the trick.

[quote style=”1″]After browsing a few photo profiles it soon becomes clear that a lot of people on there are after quick hookups and nothing else.[/quote]

Photos are recommended – though for guys not strictly essential. You can get by without a face shot. But in this situation you need to have an exceptionally good written profile. It’s a good idea to say on there that you will send explicit photos on request. That did work well and we had a good number of replies that way.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Males •[/highlight] We had 40% response rate for our male seeking male profile

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Females •[/highlight] 60% for our female seeking female, however most replies were requesting couples action

It has to be said that there are lots of men and women on OutPersonals who are not “out”! Some of these are married men, looking for discreet hookups. Sometimes with any gender or in groups. If you’re ok with that type of thing, say so. It opens up the number of contact options available to you.

Is OutPersonals All About Hookups?

I did find that OutPersonals is geared mostly for sexual fulfillment rather than anything else. After browsing a few photo profiles it’s blatantly obvious that most are after quick hookups and nothing else. Nothing wrong with that. Unlike or GayCupid where you can find people looking for relationships too.

There’s very little you can do without buying a subscription. As with other Friendfinder sites of the adult variety, they don’t give away much for free.

Responses: After a couple of days we had a good number of email messages in our inboxes. We also had several invites to meet in person. My profile got 2 invites, plus 5 requests for group hookups.

What we found is that focusing on local prospects can dramatically improve your success rate.

Most people aren’t that keen on travelling long distances, unless they happen to be truckers and just by chance are passing by your area!

Is It Worth It?


The costs: OutPersonals is not a free site. By the way, there’s very little you can do without buying a subscription. As with other Friendfinder sites of the adult variety, they don’t give away much for free.

You get to put up your profile and get basic browsing ability but that’s about it until you upgrade. Surfing the site as a freebie becomes tedious and frustrating when nearly every click brings you to the upgrade page.

You do have the option to get your profile vetted. This is a service which Friendfinder have on most of their sites.

It does mean posting or emailing some identity documents; which by the way are always kept confidential. Once vetted you will then get boosted-up in searches and get a special verified badge. Whether it’s worth it on a site such as OutPersonals I’m not sure. I didn’t find too many people doing it.

Try OutPersonals Free!

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