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Published on October 31st, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


AdultMatchmaker – Find Mature Aussie Playmates

AdultMatchmaker – Find Mature Aussie Playmates Amy Martinez


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Summary: Aussies can use this site to find new kinky playmates, swinging partners or just organize their adult social lives. There's a huge social area that's worth a look.


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Fancy a fling with a juicy Aussie milf? AdultMatchmaker is an “Aussie-only” site for horny adults that could give you a helping hand. Well let me say it’s not just for Australians.

The door is open if you want to hookup with anyone down under. But given how remote they are, I’d say about 9 out of 10 are from Australia. You’ll also find quite a few Asian women there too.

Aussies don’t have that many adult sex sites to choose from. Let’s see the main choices are Adult Friendfinder or Redhotpie.

Doing a quick scout around on AFF I did find a few people from Australia. But nowhere near like the numbers of people in the States.

The other one Redhotpie, is a biggie. A lot of Aussies swear by it – worth a look in my opinion. But we found more success on AdultMatchmaker.

Hookups in The “Social” Areas

If you want to get laid on AdultMatchmaker, I can give some no nonsense advice. Get into the “Community” areas first and get to know people. What our adultmatefind snoopers found was that lots of the “random” hookups happen around the chat and community area.

What our adultmatefind snoopers found was that lots of the “random” hookups happen around the chat and community area.

They have tons of listings for parties, swinger events, as well as a lot of saucy intimate chat going on in the chat room areas. Each Aussie state and city we found out does have it’s own party scene. There are quite a few gay and transgender events around Sydney.

Western Australia, especially Perth has a big couples scene. Take a look and see who the contact is. Chances are if you speak nicely to them you’ll get a special invite. Adultmatefind’s Australian representative did just this. She was invited to several swinger parties that way and really got in on the couples scene.

Queensland and the North go in for more kinky stuff like bondage and naughty underwear parties. They also have some good events for big people,or BBWs. These parties go by miscellaneous names such “cuddly a fatty” night.

One thing to keep in mind. Women can use these chat services of the site for free. Not so for guys. Our guys had to upgrade in order to get access to these places and try out everything that’s on offer. Luckily the event ads are viewable by everyone.

AdultMatchmaker’s Dating Arena

When I went on the site the first thing I noticed was that you can actually check out people’s pictures. Not just one either. All of them. That’s a bonus these days right? All of the Friendfinder sites as well most others in the adult niche just won’t let you see pics until you hand over cash. So that’s a tick in their favor I’d say.

I also like the fact that everyone’s last login time is displayed. I think this is really handy because it means you don’t waste time on people who’ve left the site ages ago. So annoying when that happens!

Here are the types of users I found:

  • Women looking nsa (“no strings attached”) sex 22%
  • Men looking nsa sex 44%
  • Couples, who want women 12%
  • Couples who want other couples – 11%
  • Couples looking for single men – 4%
  • Others – Mixed statuses – 7%

[label style=”warning”]Expert Tip:[/label] When you do searches, you can use this setting to “weed out” people who haven’t logged on in months. The search system on AdultMatchmaker isn’t half bad by any standards. Any section people fill out on their profile, you can search on. Say you’re interested in hot, slim blondes who’ve been on the site in the last 7 days. No problem. Just use the section called “Additional Criteria”.


What you can also do is save your search settings for later. When you do that it shows up in your menu. You can create as many custom searches as you like.

Finding Couples

There’s also a special search – just for seeking couples. With the couple’s search it lets you show couples seeking men, women or other couples only. There’s also a special section called “couple’s relationship”. So you can seek casual, married or “in a relationship” couples.

One the couple’s pages there’s usually a long description about what they want and don’t want. Most couples are looking for one off hookups. I found some pretty weird and random stuff written on a few profiles I came across. It pays to look around a bit as well – what I found is there are a lot of gems but you might come across a few turds as well.

[label style=”warning”]Private Statuses:[/label] A lot of couples make their photos private. What that means is that you have to contact them to ask them to unlock their photos. Once they give you permission you’ll be able to view them.

Can You Get Laid Here?

There’s a heck of a lot more genuine users on AdultMatchmaker than many adult sites I’ve been to. They do have a big social scene going on. How much you get out of it though depends on you. If you just blast loads of crappy emails at people, then no. You’ll probably find it impossible to hookup with someone.

On the other hand if you put some effort into it, like we did, there’s some easy pickings on AdultMatchmaker. It’s more “mature” if that’s your taste. For average looking guys, it’s quite easy to find and pick up older women looking for nsa sex. Just so long as you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

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