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Published on March 3rd, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


AdultFriendfinder Review, How to Be Successful

AdultFriendfinder Review, How to Be Successful Amy Martinez

AdultFriendfinder Review

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Summary: The “goto” place for adult dating for many years. AdultFriendfinder lets you realize your fantasies whether that be joining a swinging party or hooking up with the “wife next door”.



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AdultFriendfinder has been “the go to” place for adult hook ups for the past 10 years. But is it any good? What about scammers? I’ve reviewed this website from top to bottom and can give you the low-down on exactly what works, what doesn’t, things to avoid, and how to succeed in what matters – getting laid.

First off

AdultFriendfinder claims to be the biggest casual dating site in existence. Is this true? Yes, it’s actually the biggest by a long way. I’ve checked the visitor numbers (you can see on any ranking website) and what this shows is that AdultFriendfinder receives vastly more visitors than other hook up sites like SexSearch, GetItOn or HornyMatches.

Size isn’t Everything – Just having a lot of members doesn’t mean a site is worth your time or money. This is especially true if you have 20 horny men chasing every girl – which is by the way, not far from the truth on a lot of adult dating sites.

Join AFF

Women – If you’re a girl, hooking up on the site is a no-brainer – just put up a profile with some of your best sexy photos and men will come to you in their droves. Just use the site for free. Don’t even bother upgrading at least for a couple of months. Lots of men on AdultFriendfinder (at least the ones who aren’t cheap losers) will have bought the “full contact” package. This allows anyone to contact them for free – including you.

Guys – How to stand out – Guys, the main problem you’re going to have is standing-out from the crowd. Keep in mind that every attractive female on the site is literally getting blasted with emails and flirts from horny guys. Make it your number one priority to get a decent profile up together.

Create a “Killer AdultFriendfinder Profile”

Think you can get laid without a photo? Forget it. Add one or two decent photos to set-off your profile and see the difference. Adding a video is also a good idea. Women are more likely to trust and take seriously a guy who’s actually put himself out there with a video introducer (anonymous profiles tend to set womens’ “alarm bells” off… and I don’t mean in a good way – think local perv or serial killer…).

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Warning ●[/highlight] I don’t recommend putting up a full frontal image – unless you happen to be looking for gay sex.

Instead, add some tastefully done topless photos that show-off your body and best assets. As we’ve found in reviews of many other websites at adultmatefind, most women are put-off by highly explicit photos. Likewise avoid talking about your penis size in the first sentence of your “About Me” section; even if you do have something to brag about!

Hot women don’t tend to stay on the site for long. Usually they’ve had enough sexual advances and everything else they can handle after a few weeks and they get “burnt out”.

I recommend being more tactful – women will appreciate a subtle approach and you’re less likely to come across as being totally desperate for sex. That will set you apart from 99% of other guys on the site.

Keep an eye out for new JoinersHot women don’t tend to stay on the site for long. Usually they’ve had enough sexual advances and everything else they can handle after a few weeks and they get “burnt out”. Therefore, it’s especially important to keep an eye out for new female joiners.

Setup your Cupid Preferences – Use the Cupid link (My Stuff -> Preferences) to describe your ideal sex partner. Your searches will show you people who match what you put here – and people who’re into the same stuff as you.

Once you’ve setup your Cupid settings, go to the Email Preferences page and make sure the option is checked to receive email alerts when someone matches your requirements. This way you’ll get alerted about new female joiners.



AdultFriendfinder’s Purity Test – In another section called the “Purity Test” you can go into a lot more details about your sexual preferences for example:


  • How adventurous you are (threesomes, swinging, outdoor sex and so on)
  • How far you’ll go with the opposite sex
  • What you’re definitely not into
  • Whether you’ve ever cheated
  • Had one night-stands



You’ll have the option to let other people view your test results or keep them private. Nobody can see your specific answers however they’ll see a score depending on “how randy” you are – your purity score.


Avoiding Scammers on AdultFriendfinder

Scammers are fairly easy to spot. Here are the main warning signs:


  • Email, telephone no, or web address given in first message
  • Asking you to instant chat off site straight away
  • Broken English
  • Generic messages that lack substance and specific details about you
  • Empty profile (just “porn actress” like photos)
  • Asking for money, phone top ups, credits, purchasing membership or anything similar



AdultFriendfinder’s check systems are pretty good at catching scammers and they’ll be dealt with accordingly.

Upgrading – The main reason to upgrade is removing the highly irritating “upgrade now” boxes which appear every time you try to view someone’s photos, send messages or do just about anything else.

Gold or VIP: Becoming a Gold (or VIP) member lets you use all of the chat and email systems that are available as well as making your profile stand out when people do searches. In short, if you’re a guy your chances of getting any action without upgrading are practically zero.


Being successful on AdultFriendfinder is possible if you follow these tips. Just be aware that the name of the game is standing out from the mass of horny, oversexed guys who’re all after the same thing. In summary it’s imperative to:
[list style=”check”]


  • Get your profile up-together
  • Set up your alerts properly
  • Spot scammers quickly so you don’t waste time and money chasing cam girls
  • Be active on the site: and hit up on new joiners (take advantage while they’re still fresh)




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