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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


Sugar Daddy for Me – Rich Men, Sexy Girls?

Sugar Daddy for Me – Rich Men, Sexy Girls? Amy Martinez

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Summary: Sugar Daddy for Me is about relationships "with benefits". Young sexy chicks get to meet older dudes who take care of them financially.


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Sugar Daddy for Me…This website sounds just like a magnet for a bunch of hookers and gold diggers. In case you didn’t know these so called sugar daddy sites are where young dumb girls go to hook up with wealthy and generous gents who are much older than them.

Those girls who are street-smart get money and stuff. Those who aren’t just get stuffed.

Is “” all it’s cracked up to be? Is it a scam? And how does all this sugar daddy stuff work for real. What’s the best way to play it on this site? That’s what I wanted to find out by doing this review.

I went about putting up my profile on SD4Me and giving the website a thorough checking out. So I put on my skimpiest skirt and took a few photos of myself looking as young, dumb and girly as possible to see what would happen. Here’s what I found.

Going Inside

I have to say, SD4Me is a crowded site. When I say crowded I mean any time morning or night you can find people to chat with. There’s a horrible color scheme, flashing red and yellow everywhere, with a design that looks right out of the 90s. It feels kind of retro – like they’ve made it that way on purpose.

Otherwise the website is easy to use and gives a decent enough experience. It is trimmed down in what you can do. You won’t get the extras and perks that you do on AFF. But on the plus side it is simple, quick and brain-dead easy to use – and looking at some of the people on there, that’s just as well.

[quote style=”1″]The website says all over the place about its high number of female-to-male users.[/quote]

They say over 75% of their members are female. They back this up with all sorts of stats about why so many women are looking for a “father figure”.

I guess, for guys having women outnumbering men by 3 to 1 has to have a lot going for it. That is if you don’t mind having your bank account bled-dry in exchange for sex with a poor 19-year old, nymphy student nurse!

The Sugar Daddies

On joining up I saw that most of my first matches on SD4Me were 40 to 50ish, tall, tanned, well built and all-in-all pretty hot.

Mostly these flash types of guys are looking for a trophy girlfriend. A bit of arm candy to show-off to their friends when they go out to swanky restaurants and clubs.

Compared to most online dating sites, I have to say the standards here are a lot higher – for both sexes.

You do get the chumps and losers in the mix naturally. But by and large I thought the male talent on SD4Me was not too shabby at all.

Profile we created Success Rate (email replies verses emails sent out)
Sugar babe looking for single sugar daddy 72% – 18 emails sent, 13 replies
Mature sugar babe seeking sugar daddy 18% – 22 emails sent, 4 replies
Sugar momma seeking “boy toy” 68% – 22 emails sent, 15 replies
Sugar daddy seeking sugar babe 65% – 29 emails sent, 19 replies
Sugar daddy looking for teen sugar babe 47% – 17 emails sent, 8 replies
“Boy toy” looking for gay sugar daddy 12% – 8 emails sent, 1 reply

Some of the men on there are real high-rollers. Quick searches show up anything from company directors earning megabucks to flashy wide boys, to property tycoons and multi millionaires with their own Learjets and yachts.

Mostly these flash types of guys are looking for a trophy girlfriend. A bit of arm candy to show-off to their friends when they go out to swanky restaurants and clubs.

[quote style=”1″]What these men have in common are deep pockets and a desire for hot young flesh.[/quote]

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Don’t think that all sugar daddies are loaded • [/highlight] Far from it. Most of them are in fact just plain simple guys with ordinary jobs.

For their own personal reasons these men aren’t looking for regular relationships with women. They are after “mutually beneficial arrangements”. The deal is they get a sexy part-time teen girlfriend, in exchange for splashing out a bit of cash on them. Both sides know the score from the start.

Join Free

That might not be the jet-set lifestyle some girls are dreaming of when they join the site. But if you’re not a sexy, super model type this might be the only choice you have.

So what are the men like?

Take a look at some of the ads I found:

Media lawyer, 35, San Francisco area • Wants a petite brunette. He’s willing to give an allowance of up to $2,000 per month for her special attention.

45 Year old, successful banker, NYC • Married, looking for girl 18-25 years old for illicit affair, will spoil rotten!

Company director, 42 • Has his own yacht, wants a female companion for business and leisure trips as well as sex. She must be into threesomes. It doesn’t say who the third person is – his wife maybe?

After looking through some of these profiles, it struck me. If these guys are such totally awesome business men like they say, don’t they have hot secretaries they could be screwing?

I’m no expert, but I thought once you climb that far up the greasy corporate ladder – having a pretty young secretary to screw was a given – along with the corner office, spa membership and private health insurance.

The Sugar Babes

You have to be smart and play things casual for a while. At least until you figure out the depth of your sugar daddy’s commitment, as well as his pockets.

Some women “beat around the bush” when it comes to saying what financial support they want. Others totally ignore the subject. They weirdly behave just like they are on a relationship site like eHarmony.

Others are brazen enough to just say on their profile exactly what they want out of the deal. Here are some ads I found:

Girl, 26 • Wants $4,500 p/m for clothes, shopping and for raising her kid. Goes on to say she will pamper and spoil her sugar daddy and show him a good time. Wow, if I were a guy, I’d want more than frigging pampering for $4,500 per month!

Female student, 19 • Seeks $1,500 per month to pay her schooling and living expenses. Apparently she has expensive taste too, and has got into a bit of debt with her credit card – living way beyond her means no doubt.

She needs a sugar daddy to support her expensive lifestyle. She goes on to say she will travel with him anywhere, staying overnight, and loves to be wined and dined.


Attractive mature woman, 36 years old, married • Looking for an extremely generous sugar daddy for spoiling, kinky sex games, and naughty afternoons of fun. She wants her sugar daddy to be discreet, since she has a husband and ideally he should be over 50.

How are the girls meant to know if a guy is a real sugar daddy and not just a cheap ass looking for an easy lay? As far as it works right now, everything is on “trust”.

Just because some guy says he’s rich and going to pay your way through college and buy you a condo, you’d be dumb as hell to take him on his word.

I mean you don’t get a written agreement or anything. So you could have sex with him couple times and he walks off never to be seen again. But then again that can happen in any relationship.

You have to be smart and play things casual for a while. At least until you figure out the depth of your sugar daddy’s commitment, as well as his pockets.

Here is the user mix I found on SD4Me:


  • Sugar babies – 56%
  • Sugar daddies – 22%
  • Mature sugar babes – 13%
  • Boy toys – 6%
  • Gay boy toys/sugar daddies – 2%
  • Others – 1%



Older women – Over 35

Now I’m not gonna lie here. Most of the guys on SugarDaddyForMe like “younger” women. By that I mean if you’re over 35 girl, you’re gonna be pushing the envelope.

That’s not to say you won’t find anyone. You might have to settle for a Dudley More type instead of a Richard Gere.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Just remember • [/highlight] SD4Me is a website packed with sexy teen girls mostly under 25. Lots of them are insanely pretty.

These young, naive women are willing to do all sorts of dirty, kinky stuff to get their hooks into some poor guy and tap into his wallet. Do you really want to compete with them?

Join Free

In my honest opinion and the others here at adultmatefind, if you’re a mature female over 35 years old, your best bet is to set up a profile as a sugar momma. Forget about a sugar daddy. Instead, look for a young “boy toy” to have a bit of fun with. There are plenty of good reasons to do this.

Most boy toys are willing and happy just to have an experience with an old MILF like you. So you don’t have to give him anything other than yourself.

Approach: For Sugar Babes

His business was basically him, a one man band. He was hardly the “international jet setter” he described on his profile, but still not bad looking.

After I had my profile up for a week or so I checked my inbox. I was happy as I’d received quite a few emails. The first two guys turned out to be pervs.

First guy • Dave, from Toronto. This guy turned out to be a bit of a dreamer. He was just interested in chatting endlessly online he had no intention of meeting in real life.

I think he lived in some kind of fantasy world and never left the house. He said he earned a seven figure salary. But I doubt if he could count to seven without using his fingers.

Second guy • This creep wanted naked pics of me after chatting five minutes on the online chat system. Delete, block…

Third guy • This one seemed to be the real deal. Kurt, described himself as a successful, self made business man, who’d started from nothing. It turns out he was a plumber from NJ.

His business was basically him, a one man band. He was hardly the “international jet setter” he described on his profile, but still not bad looking.

After this I was almost at the point of giving up. Then the following day, I get another email.

Jeff was 45 and from Chicago. He described himself as an “experienced” sugar daddy. As it happens this guy was a high-flying corporate lawyer earning a mint. He did explain what he did for a living but it went so far over my head I was falling asleep after 30 seconds.

Is “Sugar Daddy for Me” Worth It?

Could most men find super sexy girls on SugarDaddyForMe? Yes probably, but this is no free lunch. These girls want something in return for their company and their bodies.

Women on sugar daddy sites have to be prepared to meet losers and charlatans to find the pearls. Not everyone is who they say they are but then I guess that goes for any dating site.

Yes, there are incredibly wealthy, sophisticated men on there but then there are also Bart Simpson douche bags as well who are just trying to get an easy lay.

It’s up to you to keep an open mind. Don’t assume a guy is a high-roller just because he says that on his profile or tells you in an email. It takes meeting them in real life.

Above all do not be too naïve. If some guy is willing to pay you a monthly allowance, and take you on shopping trips or whatever, be realistic. He’s probably going to want you as his “sex toy” in return!

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