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Published on July 5th, 2013 | by Julia Marella


HornyPlumps, Fetish for Fatties?

HornyPlumps, Fetish for Fatties? Julia Marella

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Summary: For lovers of big busty women, curvaceous matures, and just bigger than average babes. HornyPlumps is created especially for guys to meet full-figured women.


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Do you have a fetish for fatties? Or do you daydream about banging a hot, mature plumper whilst at work in the office? Don’t worry. You’re not a freak. Lots of ordinary men have these same primal desires.

HornyPlumps is every fat lover’s dream. It’s a website full of big horny women with big curvy butts. Gigantic boobs, huge curvy asses and fat flesh fill every nook and cranny of this site. You get plumper cams too, where you can watch fat girls doing obscene stuff on webcam.

The girls on HornyPlumps range from curvaceous, to downright obese with breasts dragging on the floor. Once you think you’ve found the biggest and fattest, there’s an even larger plumper on the next page.

Usually these busty babes are dressed in skin tight wet-shirts, or see-through tops. This clothing naturally shows off their big beautiful bodies.

Men come in a range of different shapes and sizes from chunky, to very tall, to enormous. They all have the same common desire: To hookup with big and beautiful women, either solo or as couples.

The good thing is these plumpers tell you their size and what sexual games they’re into. This makes it easy to find your ideal plus size sex partner.

So if you’re a fan of overweight women. Or just prefer your dates on the chubby side, read on. We at adultmatefind will show you, step-by-step, how to pull fat girls on

We reviewed HornyPlumps as usual putting up some test profiles to find out what works and what doesn’t. Because we’ve done the hard work, this will save you a heap of time and ultimately make you much more successful in pulling.


So, Amy Martinez and I put on our biggest padded bras (D cups) and went off to check out the world of BBW dating.

Big Women are Appreciated

The best thing about HornyPlumps for a woman is that if you’re a big girl or just a bit on the overweight side, you know the deal. You won’t come across unappreciative guys on there that reject you. Saying they’re into stick thin, waif type girls. Or that they don’t date women above size 10. No there’s none of that bullshit.

These types of “ungrateful” men just don’t go on HornyPlumps. The guys on there know the big picture. They are all there because they are in awe of the full-figured female form.

For some guys the bigger and bustier the better. They’ll ignore the 15-stone chicks. They’re just not big enough for these extreme fat lovers. These hardcore “fat o philes” like to be smothered by big hot butts up to 20 stones and more.

Creating a Plumper Ad

To find a plumper first you need to join the site (click here to signup) and get your own personal profile up. I recommend you fill out all of the parts to the personal ad. It sounds obvious, but make it look like you’re a real person not a fake. Put up a photo or two and be sure to fill out all of the standard questions.

Getting upgraded is required. There’s nothing that you can do with the freebie pass other than look around and get ignored by everyone. Don’t even bother trying to email anyone or get into the chat areas. You’ll be barred until you’ve upgraded.

To overcome this annoying situation just click the 3-Day Trial button and that will get everything working. The trial does cost a couple of dollars per day but you can cancel if it’s not what you want.

Best Approach for Guys

The top reason to fill out the sex CV is simple. Our insider at the site told us that lots of fatties use something called reverse matching.

Plumpers come in a range of different sizes, from massively obese to hot and curvaceous.

The good thing is these plumpers tell you their size and what sexual games they’re into. This makes it easy to find your ideal plus size sex partner.

Finding fatties – the sex CV

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Expert’s tip •[/highlight] Start by filling in the part called sex CV. Add your own fantasies, desires, and what stuff you’re into. There’s a long list there with different sex preferences so you just need to check each box that applies to you. Or at least what you’ll admit to!

The top reason to fill out the sex CV is simple. Our insider at the site told us that lots of fatties use something called reverse matching.

The way this works is that it brings up people who are looking for someone just like them. So say you wrote on your profile you’re looking for a curvaceous, Hispanic female, who’s into threesomes.

Whenever a curvy Latin woman who’s nearby clicks the reverse match, your profile will pop up in front of her. And she’ll just be so tempted to click it – they always are.

There’s also an awesome plumper search that lets you find a plus sized who matches your exact preferences. Just click the search tab and fill it out. Right in front of your eyes you’ll see pages of hot overweight chicks ready to hookup. But that’s not the best part.

How to hook up with a horny plumper

Our guys found most success by using the “meet me today” gadget. This little web wonder lets you set up dates in a few clicks of the mouse. Just set a date and time when you’re available and your details get broadcast to all of those women who are online now and in your area. Your ad shows up instantly to all of those fatties who are up for hookups today.

And of course women can do the same. So if you click meet me you’ll be shown a list of women who’re up for sex in your area right now. Just take your pick and click on her ad. If she agrees, that’s your date set up. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

These types of hookups happen real fast. Brad, our male reviewer bagged two fatties in one day. Jay, our other male reviewer had 3 dates in as many days with local, big booty slappers.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Warning •[/highlight] These fatties are ready for banging as soon as you to meet them. Go prepared with plenty of protection. Things can happen anywhere. Many of these women have insatiable sexual appetites.

If All Else Fails

If meet me doesn’t work for you, don’t panic. The next best thing is to check out who’s active in chat. We found this to be a great way to find out who’s most likely to get back in touch.

Just check out this page (called active in chat) and it should show you who’s been online and talking a lot lately. It’s automatically set to show you the closest people to you, so you don’t have to change anything.

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