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Published on March 8th, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


HornyMatches Review: It Works If You Know What You’re Doing…

HornyMatches Review: It Works If You Know What You’re Doing… Amy Martinez Score

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Summary: A hot-spot for picking up trashy Euro babes, HornMatches is a no-frills site - it's on the pricey side but the membership allows you full contact capability.


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Another massive hookup site – but don’t be fooled by HornyMatches‘ PG rated home page. In our in-depth review we found it to be one of the most prolific and active sex sites out there. But to succeed you need to know what you’re doing. Many inexperienced guys give up on HornyMatches.

In this review, I’ll enlighten you, telling how to succeed and what to avoid so that you can take advantage of this shameful situation.

First Impression

Euro chicks galore • My first impression is that HornyMatches has an international flavor. If you’re into Euro chicks this could one be for you. Our male reviewers managed to bag some filthy Czech, Latvian and Slovakian girls after a few weeks flirting and emailing – basically drip feeding them some really standard lines.

[label style=”warning”]Note:[/label] We found the women on HornyMatches to be especially slutty and into just about anything including really kinky stuff.

Guys • Don’t be put off by the vast number other male profiles. Doing a quick survey we found on first impression guys outnumber gals by nearly 4 to 1. But on closer inspection we found many of these to be dead profiles. Inexperienced guys give up too quickly – they screw up on the first few approaches then bug out. So a lot of serious women on there are actually getting kind of lonely. You need to take full advantage of this.

The girls are naive • We also found the female user base to be 19-25 yo and kinda easily impressed. Jay, at 33 yo is our most experienced reviewer was like a “kid in a candy store”. Most of the experienced casual daters out there we know consider HornyMatches to be a mandatory once per week visit – at adultmatefind we’re no different.

How to Succeed on HornyMatches

Inexperienced guys give up too quickly – they screw up on the first few approaches then bug out. So a lot of serious women on there are actually getting kind of lonely. You need to take full advantage of this.

HornyMatches is actually a fairly basic site. It doesn’t have any of the frills or fluff you find on Friendfinder’s sites. Those minimalist users (myself included) will be pleased to see it has the mandatory email, flirts, hot lists, and search functions but that’s as far as it goes.

It has a kind of retro DIY feel about it that I like. It looks like something from the 90’s but it’s super fast and easy to use. You don’t have personality questionnaires or anything like that to worry about. Just basic match settings which will email you new people every week.

User group demographics on HornyMatchesAssertiveness is the key • Because of the younger user base on HornyMatches, we found coming across as a strong, outgoing, confident type is essential. Like other reviews we did, we found having a good photo to be key to success.

Our male reviewers put up basic bios, describing themselves, what they are into, marital status, their availability and so on. They also added some artistic body shots but absolutely no full-frontals or anything tacky.

Set your status to “Attached” Surprisingly, we found declaring yourself as single was a big no-no. Many of the hot young, Euro chicks there seem to be spooked by single guys – maybe they think these single guys could get too attached to them (not something desirable on a hookup site).

We also found many girls seeking sugar daddy type partners on HornyMatches. My best advice is to play safe and set your status to married/attached. Playing the busy, sophisticated married man worked best here.

It Takes Effort – But Pays-off in the End

Our results • In the end we found for our male seeking female profiles (MSF) we got on average 1 genuine reply for every 4 messages sent. So it does take a bit of work. However of those replies most were quality and led to one-on-one meetings or at the very least phone sex.

You also need to be selective and realistic about whom you approach. After a while our reviewers got a good feel for which girls would reply, and this dramatically improved their success rate.

Profile Type Email Response Rate
Female seeking male (FSM) 80% (36 emails sent – 28 replies)
Male seeking female (MSF) 28% (87 emails sent, we had 24 genuine replies)
Male seeking male (MSM) 46% (22 emails sent, we had 10 genuine replies)
Female seeking female (FSF) 18% (37 emails sent, we had 7 genuine replies)

Women • Females seeking males can expect around 80% reply rate. My sexy co-worker Julia Marella got even higher. As I said a lot of the male profiles are so obviously dead, but those guys on there are super active.

Swingers • We found swingers (couple action) to be less common on HornyMatches – at least compared to other sites such as GetItOn (see here). We didn’t follow up on any leads here.

Scammers • There’s not much scam control on HornyMatches, so you need to vigilant. Basically be especially wary of anything that invites you “off-site” (most seem to be invites to escort or cam websites). Saying that, most fake profiles are outrageously easy to spot, the photos just seem overly professional, “model like” – usually ripped right off of a porn site.

The bios are either empty or long rambling life stories usually in extremely poor English ([label style=”warning”]Important:[/label]keep in mind that some of the Euro babes have English as a second language – so just be sure you don’t mistake one of these hotties for a scammer). Just following these basic rules will keep you out of trouble.

Subscription Silver Gold
1-Month $36 $42
3-Months $72 $84
6-Months $144 $168

Upgrading • HornyMatches is on the pricey side, at least when you compare it to Friendfinder sites. One month costs $36 at the basic level, and $42 per month on the elite plan (Gold subscription).

That being said, the good thing is that unlike GetItOn, or AdultFriendfinder upgraded members can contact anyone – so it in effect includes the total connect package. For this reason, I feel the cost is reasonable.


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