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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


GetItOn Review, Find Your Perfect Sex Match

GetItOn Review, Find Your Perfect Sex Match Amy Martinez Review

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Summary: Interesting site that tends to attract a more mature crowd than your average hookup site. Getiton's sexual match system helps connect you with people into the same stuff as you.


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User Rating: 3.6 (1 votes)

GetItOn is a hookup site with extras such as sexual compatibility testing and advanced matchmaking. Is this site any good? How do you make the most of it? Those are questions I’ll answer in my review. First and foremost I signed up for GetItOn some time ago, a few months after it launched. Since then it’s gotten a whole lot bigger, so I’ve updated my review in light of this.

Who’s GetItOn For?

First impressions • The first thing I looked at was [label style=”warning”]a)[/label] “who the site is for”, [label style=”warning”]b)[/label] the typical user groups, and [label style=”warning”]c)[/label] how genuine are the folks on there. What surprised me was how much more selective and mature the users are on GetItOn compared to your typical hookup site.

GetItOn‘s main selling point is their sex compatibility matching system – and this works a treat if you follow my suggestions below. To be honest, it has to have something to set it apart from much bigger sex sites like Adult Friendfinder (read that review), so this is their trump card.

People • The scammers we came across in our review were mostly cam girl type fake profiles. Usually they offer a bait and switch onto some other website.

The GetItOn Sexual Match Tool

The sexual match is a fairly in depth sex questionnaire – you’ll be asked about your sexual preferences, fetishes, favorite positions, sexual orientation, fantasies and so on. It’s basically to determine what you are into and to try and match you up properly with others on the site that’re into the same stuff as you. Don’t fake things here, or be shy – the whole point is to match up successfully. In the end you’ll only fool yourself.

When you’re done with the test you can enter the main part of the website. Hit the matches button and you’ll be shown a list of your potential sex partners. Bring up any of those people’s profiles and you can do a side-by-side comparison. See how their preferences stack up against yours and if they’re worth pursuing. Hit them with a flirt to start and see where it goes.

How Do You “Get Some” on GetItOn?

We found the user group on GetItOn to be a bit more open-minded and mature than your typical hookup site. As expected the biggest group is males seeking females. However there’s also a sizable swinging community on there. But mostly these are couples openly seeking single females to hookup with.

With my own profile I had several invites both with singles and couples – in parties and private. I got these after a couple weeks, but in my opinion it does help to be active. Adultmatefind’s hot tip is raising your activity level (be sure to go online daily) as this means your profile will get more attention.

Guys • As the user group on GetItOn is more serious – I suggest making sure your compatibility test is up together and truthful. As ever make sure you have a decent photo on your profile (at least one, but ideally more). In our reviews we put up profiles with and without photos: Those without images were all but ignored – they didn’t get a single genuine reply.

Estimated user groups on GetItOn

Swingers: If you’re into swinging remember you are basically auditioning yourself and so you’ll want to go in for the hard sell. Guys, you can be more aggressive here as couples will be much less intimidated in meeting you than would a lone female. This is where size and sexual prowess matter. If you’re a single guy this can be tough. Black men are in especially high demand in this respect – it’s a size thing.

1-on-1: For one-on-one action, take a slightly different approach. Guys, you need to be more subtle. Don’t go overboard with boasting on your manhood; just be a bit more respectful. A lot of guys on there just come onto you like horny teenage boys. They scare away many potential sex opportunities. These women eventually go to guys who can act a bit more restrained and come across as being more mature. Our male reviewers had a lot more success using this tack.

Profile Type Email Response Rate
Female seeking male (FSM) 89%
Male seeking female (MSF) 22%
Male seeking male (MSM) 67%
Female seeking female (FSF) 12%
Female seeking couple 76%

The approach

Use the match software • Check out your sexual match score and if you are compatible go in for the first approach. In my experience don’t even bother approaching women more than a few hundred miles from your location. It’s just a waste of time on both sides.

Concentrate on your own area • Most hot girls will have plenty of suitors in their local area, so unless you are packing something extra-ordinary you are far better off focusing your attention on nearby prospects. Fortunately GetItOn has a big enough user base that unless you’re in the middle of nowhere you’ll find matches within couple hours drive.

Jay, one of our male reviewers was able to hookup with the 2 or 3 women per week using this approach, while the 2 guys looking much further afield had far less luck. Sure it means limiting your prospects, but ultimately this can lead to more sexual encounters and that’s the name of the game.

Have sex with a hottie on getiton

Women • As mentioned, swinging offers will come in thick and fast. As well as the inevitable married guys who’re looking for their bit on the side.

I didn’t even need to upgrade my account in the beginning since there are enough men on the site who’ve opted for the full access plan. Full access is an upgrade option that basically means that person can be contacted by anyone – even free members.

Full access • Annoyingly there isn’t a way to locate full access members – so my advice to girls is put up some of your best photos, and just wait for guys to contact you – it won’t take long. However the point about being active is still valid for women.

Active profiles are given a much higher priority when people search. Be warned; if you don’t logon in months your profile will eventually get buried.

Subscription Price (2013)
1-Month $18.99
3-Months $39.99
6-Months $53.99

Upgrades • For guys and couples GetItOn is deliberately designed so that you can’t get much from it without upgrading – trying to do otherwise is a waste of time.

Like most Friendfinder sites, you can’t even view photos (only tiny thumbnail) or see the written detail on people’s profiles.

The full contact plan is an additional $14 per month, but it gets cheaper if you take it for a longer period.

For men, this option makes a lot of sense as we found many women on the site to be curious joiners, mostly on free accounts – so this option opens the door to accessing those females.

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