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Published on August 13th, 2013 | by Julia Marella


BookOfSex, Sexy Social Network?

BookOfSex, Sexy Social Network? Julia Marella

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Summary: Like it or lump it, BookOfSex is a full-on site where males and females can find horny hookups. It has everything a social network has except it's just all about erotic pleasures.


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Tired of the same lame old social networks? Do you want to use a social net just to find sex? BookOfSex is the place you should be at. It’s created just for adults like you – who want to get laid fast.

Forget about liking and tweeting useless crap you’ve found on the Internet. Forget about sharing boring vacation snaps nobody gives a shit about. At BookOfSex you just get full-on profiles of women and men who want no-strings hot sex. Nothing more nothing less.

Guys: You don’t have to “pussy foot” around these girls and ask to be their friend, like you do on Facebook. No! Here you can cut to the chase. These hot and horny chicks know the score. They know you have nonstop sexual activity on the brain.

That’s why most girls are there. To find “hard” guys who can satisfy them in bed. Maybe their boyfriend or husband just isn’t up to the job! Show them you’re the boss and can give them what they need. I’ll show you how.

Follow my 3-step plan and BookOfSex’ll bring you a steady supply of fresh girls to your bed as reliably as clockwork.

So how does it all work? Well I rank this site as one of the easier places for getting laid. If you’re new to the world of adult dating, this is probably a good a place as any to start. If you’re in the know, BookOfSex does all the hard work for you! Just follow my expert tips and you can make this site work like a machine for you.

Follow my 3-step plan and it’ll bring you a steady supply of fresh girls to your bed as reliably as clockwork. You’ll save a fortune on visiting pick-up bars and clubs and using other dating sites.

Step 1 – Add Swagger to Your BookOfSex

[quote style=”1″]We find again and again that loose women still want to see that you’ve put some effort in before they get naked.[/quote]

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Bling-up yourself ●[/highlight] It sounds retarded, but the number of guys who fail just because they can’t be bothered to make up a decent personal ad never fails to amaze me. We found conclusively in our review that showing the girls some swagger is the first, and most important step to getting them into bed.

signup girl at bookofsex

Show them that you can write at least a couple of words about yourself without mentioning what’s in your pants. That will set you in good stead for moving to the next level.

Sure, it’s true many of the girls on BookOfSex are horny sluts. But us folks at adultmatefind see time and again that loose women still want to see that you’ve put some effort in before they get naked.

The bottom line: This is a quick win with a high pay-off for you.

Adding a set of photos and your physical facts and figures are a given. But if you really want to get some action, I advise going much further. Do this and you’ll be ahead of 99% of other guys on the site.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]The essentials ●[/highlight] If you didn’t do it during sign up, don’t forget to put something in the “basic profile” part. After your main mugshot, this is what most people ogle at when checking-out your profile page. If you leave this piece empty, your chances of anyone being attracted by your manly charms are zero. Scam girls and hookers aside.

Next off, go to the “my account” section and click the link to open up the “completeness detail” box. Now click on the “personal information” link. Fill out those parts you want to tell people about and leave anything else blank.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Enrichment ●[/highlight] Now you’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to go into overdrive. There’s two sections that we discovered can really make the difference between meeting heaps of sexy women, and living life in loser’s alley. The “personality type” questions, and the “purity test”. I recommend giving both of these your best shot.

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I completed my entire profile in less than 15 minutes. That includes putting up 3 photos, a video and filling out all of the bits I’ve mentioned above. So don’t worry it’s not going to turn into a second day job.

Why bother with all this stuff anyhow? There’s three very good grounds I’ve discovered.

  1. Completed profiles get priority ● If you check out a few searches in BookOfSex, you’ll see straight away that completed photo ads appear at the top. We ran around 1,100 test searches, and found in every single case that those with images and something written appear first. All things being equal, “thin profiles” get slapped down near the bottom.
  2. Match settings ● Think about it. If there’s no facts in your profile, there’s nothing the site’s matching system can work on. So when people hunt for their favorite sexual fetishes or hit the match me button, you won’t have any chance of showing up.
  3. Kudos ● Listen up guys! Do you really think any girl will take you seriously if she can’t even see how you look or read something about you? There’s a million-and-one horny, testosterone pumped dudes on BookOfSex. You are competing with them.

BookOfSex helps those guys who help themselves. Get this stuff right, and it will mean the difference between success and failure.

Step 2 – Network and Be A Sexual Socialite

Under the hood, BookOfSex works like other everyday social networks. So how is that different from a dating site? What you have to remember is that on BookOfSex, it’s the social side of the site that’s the key to success. We came across a lot of guys there just sending out random emails to any attractive women they stumbled across.

[quote style=”1″]A lack of connection with your fellow users sends out a strong negative vibe to women. To women, that lack of emotional connection is a big no-no.[/quote]

This strategy got them nowhere. Why? Because the girls didn’t trust them. These guys hadn’t bothered to network. By that I mean they hadn’t made any friends on the site, nor uploaded any eye candy to their profiles. Neither had they joined in any forums nor groups nor done anything other than try and hit on girls.

BoS review: signup page

Now we all know what’s the real reason you’re there. To bang as many women as possible, right? However, trust me. A lack of connection with your fellow users sends out a strong negative vibe to women. To women, that lack of emotional connection is a big no-no. Yeah, it sucks big time, but that’s the way it is.

So step 2, of my getting laid plan, is to network like crazy. Now, if you’re thinking this sounds like “it’s going to take over my life”, don’t worry it won’t. This takes no more than a few minutes and is worth every second.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Forums ●[/highlight] It’s a little known fact, but there are actually some great forums on BoS. There’s a whole bunch of categories, so you can see where you fit it and what tickles your fancy. There’s everything from “hot tubbing” to “shoe fetishes”.

I advise newbies to take part in some of the chat going on at the forums. Just to get themselves noticed.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Contests ●[/highlight] There’s always some kind of sexy competition going on at BookOfSex. Just take a look and see if any appeal to you. If nothing else, it’s something you can boast about in your blog. A lot of women do read these!

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Testimonies ●[/highlight] Your number one priority is to get testimonies from female members. This is when women you’ve met leave feedback about you on your profile. It’s sort of a sexual reference for others to see.

Women and men do take a lot of notice about these. For starters it tells them you’re a real person. And it lets them know how you behaved on your hookup or whatever encounter you had.

BookOfSex Profiles We Created Response Rate (email replies verses emails sent)
Single male seeking women 52% – 48 emails sent, 25 replies
Married man seeking women 39% – 18 emails sent, 7 replies
Female seeking males 79% – 19 emails sent, 15 replies
Male seeking other men 50% – 8 emails sent, 4 replies
Mature woman seeking young men 85% – 34 emails sent, we got 29 replies

Step 3 – Focus on Low Hanging Fruit

If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2 above, you’re already ahead of 99.9% of losers on the site. Now for the final killer blow. Concentrate your efforts on women with fee accounts. Why and how do I find them? Well first-off, the reason you should do this. A little known secret – I discovered in my review of BoS that about 73% of women are there as free users!

Hot women are literally sitting at home frustrated for weeks without a single email from anyone!

As we found in our other reviews, these women don’t have many guys hitting on them. Why? Because they are out-of-bounds to all men using free passes – and that’s a lot of men. Some of these hot women are literally sitting at home frustrated for weeks without a single email from anyone!

As a fully paid up member, you have the right to contact these desperate women and hookup with them! None of the losers on standard accounts can do that.

Next up, how to find them. This can be tricky, but it is doable. Like most dating sites, BoS demotes free users way down the pile in every search. Once you’ve focused your hunt on your area, look for girls further down the list, away from the first few pages.

Avoid those with the membership badges or certification as you know for sure these are paying members. These women will already be bombarded with messages. If you filter out these, the remaining are the ones you should hit on first.

Overall Verdict

Is it worth it? As long as you follow the above advice, yes. BookOfSex makes it easy to find a sex partner providing you know what you are doing and make the site work for you.

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