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Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by Amy Martinez


AmateurMatch, Finding Sexy Local Amateurs: Our Review

AmateurMatch, Finding Sexy Local Amateurs: Our Review Amy Martinez

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Summary: Get it on with other amateurs. You can view homemade sex movies, webcam shows, or just hookup with other members.


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I found this site to be basically a porn hub for sex seekers, exhibitionists, and those who just want to view endless streaming amateur smut.

AmateurMatch is where local sluts go to create their own web pages. These women get to create their own webcam shows and do all sorts of kinky acts in front of any horny guys who want to look in.

But these aren’t those glossy, unattainable porn actress types that you’d have no hope of meeting in the flesh. Not at all! These are real babes who you can hookup with and arrange dates with at the AmateurMatch web site. Heck, you might even find your ex-girlfriend on there.

We figured-out several ways to “pull” these horny amateurs using no more than a spanking good profile, a few decent photos and some slick pick up lines. Read our review to see how we did it.

With adultmatefind’s help you’ll be pulling local amateurs like a pro.

How to Avoid the “Teases” on AmateurMatch

In the first 2 weeks, the only action we saw was a few shady looking chat requests and some promo emails.

We all put up our profiles and photos onto AmateurMatch and set about giving it a thorough trial. So up went two female and two male profiles in total. All of us were looking for straight hookups. We all started out with the one-up membership plan which works out at $23 dollars a month.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Be prepared for rejection •[/highlight] What we found was that first-off nobody wants to give you the time of day. That was a shocker! In the first 2 weeks, the only action we saw was a few shady looking chat requests and some promo emails.

After the second week we were about to call it a day. Then after spending hours chatting and getting to know people there, things started to “pick up”. joiner

Spot the Cam Girls

The first thing you need to know about AmateurMatch is that lots of the girls there are “wanna be” performers. We found lap dancers, pole dancers, and budding porno actresses to boot.

Plenty of these girls are smoking hot. The problem is most aren’t interested in hooking up with guys on the site.

AmateurMatch girls get to perform their own live webcam shows or just upload their home made movies. You have to realize some of these women just like to show off their hot bodies – and who can blame them?

If you watch in on any of these webcam shows you get to rate them. Top rated girls are the ones you see right at the top of the screen. The whole thing works by the user ratings.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Warning •[/highlight] Nothing comes for free of course. You can’t view these webcams on a free pass. You need credits to watch anything or do anything on this site. Credits do burn up real quick. So it’s good to pick and choose which shows to watch wisely. Check out the ratings first and foremost.

Finding the “Real” Babes

Now don’t let me put you off. Not all of the women on AmateurMatch are doing tricks on webcam. In fact, lots of chicks there haven’t even uploaded videos. Dozens that we came across just have plain regular profiles and maybe one or two cute photos – nothing too sexy though.

[quote style=”1″]Lots of these regular babes have a stash of naughty pics hidden away. They only send them out once they get to know you well enough.[/quote]

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Expert tip •[/highlight] That’s where it gets interesting. Lots of these regular babes have a stash of naughty pics hidden away. They only send them out once they get to know you well enough. So rule #1 is: Don’t write-off some girl just because she doesn’t have everything on show.

Some of these girls are basically shy. Once you spend a bit of time chatting to them they’ll let you hookup over Skype and probably do their own private sex show for you. Our guys found a lot of girls like this – regular girl next door types who just want to do dirty 1-on-1 acts in private.

And the good thing is • These real chicks are more open to real life hookups.

You reap what you sow on AmateurMatch

Get your profile together: Don’t’ expect any girl to want to chat with you if you have an empty, shitty profile. This is your “personal ad” space. Make good use of it.

If you have neither photos, nor videos you’re basically going to come across as some anonymous stalker who could be anyone from their ex boyfriend to their snooping dad.

No female is going to want to take a chance on you if you can’t be bothered to present yourself. She’s just much less likely to chance it with some guy who could be a psycho boy or a perv.

Get “creative”

Being creative with your personal ad doesn’t mean lying. It means stretching reality a bit.

One thing’s for sure. Lots of these girls are looking for a bit of a booster to their budding porno acting careers. Try telling one of these up-and-coming celebs you’re a gas pump attendant or work in the local MacDonald and you’ll never hear from her again. On the other hand tell her you’re a movie producer and she’ll be like butter in your hands.

Naturally you have more power if you really are a movie producer or media mogul. But that’s just not the deal for most guys. So what can you do about it? This is where you have to use some imagination.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Don’t forget •[/highlight] Your profile has to show you off as a successful and important dude. Being creative with your personal ad doesn’t mean lying. It means stretching reality a bit. How? Well, suppose you work in a DVD store. In that case, better to call yourself “a media executive”. Suppose you’re a long distance trucker. That would sound much better as an “international logistics manager”.

Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone does it. My next door neighbor tells girls he meets he’s a sanitation engineer – that sounds a lot better than a “toilet cleaner” which is what he actually is.

We tried out a whole load of these stupid job titles. What we found was one simple universal truth. Giving yourself a pumped up job title works wonders in the dating scene.

At the end of the day, few women are interested enough to ask much more about it if and when you meet up in real life.

AmateurMatch Profile Our Success Rate (replies vs. contacts)
Straight man seeking woman 38% – 37 contacts, 14 replies
Straight man seeking couple 10% – 21 contacts, 2 replies
Couple looking for single girl 36% – 14 contacts, 5 replies
Female seeking males 81% – 21 contacts, 17 replies
Female seeking other females 83% – 18 contacts, 15 replies

Keep to Your Local Area

After you’ve done up your profile to a reasonable level, it’s time to get started with hunting out your local area. Start with your nearest big towns and cities.

Our guys found most success by focusing their efforts on local hotties. That means girls living within a couple hours drive. Forget the ones who live the other side of the country, they won’t reply. Next, send out some emails and requests to chat – nothing too heavy though.

What we found is that for guys it usually takes around 20 contacts or more before you get back some real responses. It takes more time on AmateurMatch simply because lots of the girls are busy doing their stripping gigs in front of their webcams.

[highlight bg=”#ffba00″ color=”#000000″]Expert tip – Use the chat •[/highlight] In between all that camera action, most women do get around to replying or responding to chat-requests. That’s so long as your profile is up together.

If you look like every other loser, with no photos and a two word bio saying something like “gimme sex”, forget it. You need to stand out from the crowd. Else she’ll just click on that pic of the horny dude next to you who just happens to be hung like a race horse.

Free users don’t get a look in • You’ll soon find out that you can’t do much on AmateurMatch until you get upgraded. That’s industry standard nowadays on adult dating sites – nothing to be surprised about.

At least on AmateurMatch you’re allowed to look at profiles. You can’t do this on many hookup sites these days. You do need to upgrade for these things:
[list style=”check”]

  • Creating hotlists
  • Extended searches
  • Sending out flirts
  • Making any type of contact


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